Authentic wiseness is only to be learned
in the university of encounter.
Precepts and suggestions are useful
so far as they go, but,
without the self-discipline of actual way of lifestyle,
they stay of you will of concept only."

"Lest I keep my satisfied way
I must keep in ideas somewhere out there
a individual or individuals accepted away for me these days.
As lengthy as there must be war
I ask and I must response,
was I value going away for?"

"Trust in ambitions, for in them
is hidden the checkpoint to lengthy lasting."

"The winner’s edge
is all in the mind-set,
not capabilities."

"If I had 1 flower
for whenever I think about you,
I could switch absolutely in my lawn."

"There are two methods of going light:
to be the candlepower device or the concept that shows it."

"Falling down is a factor of way of lifestyle,
getting returning up is residing."

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