Pyar To Hona Hi Tha 
Kajol gets off the practice to use the community bathroom at the train place and the practice chugs off without her. Inadequate young lady, little did she know that every practice pocket has four bathrooms within.

Aamir Khan informs his companion that he will take Urmila Matondkar for a China food. Curiously when they are in the eating place, Aamir Khan purchases usal pav etc. What's occurred to the noodle & chowmein?

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi
Akshay Kumar forums a Jet Air passage journey to The united states. Well well - some marketing for our Native indian Jet Air passage - since when did they begin traveling abroad?

Raja Hindustani
Navneet Nishan has a brief locks before wedding. But after getting married, instantaneously she gets waist-length locks. What a locks increasing experience!!

Dilip Tahil drain pipes a can of fuel over Madhuri. Moments later, Sanjay Kapoor requires the same can and flows it over Dilip Tahil. That's what I contact a autofill!

Manisha & Shahrukh are seen clinging on a parachute during a tune. But when the tune stops, they area down on the Glider. What a change above sea level!

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