So this kid had a real bad habit of eavesdropping.
Everyone knew him for eavesdropping, and he was really good at it too!
One day, it just went too far..

He was walking to school one nice early morning, and he saw a young couple whispering.
Well of course, he just had to eavesdrop. He really couldn't make out the words they were saying, but he did hear some.
All he pretty much did hear was "2 nickels and a dime".

Well, he went on into his math class and wasn't really focused.
His teacher asked, "Why aren't you participating today Billy? You always seem to be focused and alert."
Billy just replied, "Well I heard a couple talking, and they said '2 nickels and a dime', and I don't know what that means.."
The teacher was furious! She said, "Go to the principals office right now!"

Billy was just confused! He went into the office, and the principal was surprised to see him there.
Billy is an A+ student, never gets in trouble. The principal asks, "Billy, why are you here?"
Billy, of course, replied, "Well.. I really.. don't know.. all i said was '2 nickels and a dime'.."
The principal says, "Billy, leave. You are expelled.. just go."

Billy, crying, walks home.
His mother says, "I got an email from your principal, why on EARTH are you expelled?!"
"Mom please, help. I don't know why!! All i said was '2 nickels and a dime!"
His mother says: Go to your room! Oh, you just WAIT until your father gets home!!

Pounding on the door, Billy's father is screaming! "What did you do to make my wife cry?!?!"
"Dad! Please, out of all people, HELP! All I said was '2 nickels and a dime'! What does it mean?!"
His father yells "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! NOW!"

On the streets, night comes. The police pull up, "Son, you seem a bit young to be out here alone.."
"I got kicked out of the-- house.." "Son, thats silly! Why?"
"All.. I.. said.. was.. 2 nickels.. and a dime."
The police hand cuff him, throw him jail for the night.

At the court the next day, the judge asks, "Boy, with all honesty, what happened?"
Billy, alone without an attorney, lawyer, or even parents, replies "Your honor, I said '2 nickels and a dime'. I do not even know what it means.."
"Yep, 20 years prison."

Billy gets sent to the toughest juvenile detention facility in the world, in China, 20 years of hard living in the prison.

Upon his release he comes out and across the street it says on a market window: 2 Nickels and a Dime.

"Finally!! After all these years, I will FINALLY find out why my life turned out this way!"

Sprinting to the store across the street, he gets hit by a bus.

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